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How to Find the Best Mexican Restaurant

When one hears Mexican food, one may immediately think about tacos, burritos, nachos, or margaritas. But it is more than that. Mexican food has been popular throughout the globe the same with the other different foreign cuisines like Chinese, French and Japanese. Known for its use of a variety of ingredients grown in native Mexico in their dishes, Mexican food has never failed to satisfy a food lover who is not afraid to try something unique in taste and rich in flavor. So now that you’re in town, how do you find the best restaurant? Here are some things you might want to read through to help you. When I travel I always look for the best Mexican and Thai Restaurants Near Me.

  1. Read through City Guides
    Most major cities nowadays have guides that you can pick up as you exit an airport or as you go through a bookstore. These guides can be a brochure, a newsletter, a magazine or a tiny handbook written and prepared locally. Most of them would have a map of the city you are staying, popular places you can go to visit, hotels or inns you can stay, and food places you can dine in. These guides will give you a lot of details about these restaurants, and their specialties in beautifully colored pages. You can be certain that these restaurants will absolutely be worth the visit as they are best thus the reason why a city would advertise them.
  2. Mobile Phone Applications
    Modern technology has made it easier and faster for people to get to places they want to gWith the GPRS, it will help us find that restaurant we’ve been meaning to visit through unfamiliar streets. Yelp is absolutely one of the best ones you can use. It allows you to read through reviews, and narrow your search according to distance, rating and price. Foursquare is also a great app to use when you want to check out what your friends may be trying out too.
  3. Go Online
    Most restaurants now have websites or Facebook pages of their own. Facebook Pages gives the latest reviews and ratings from online users. Online websites can also give you ratings about the restaurant and map directions on how to get there. It can also help you get a reservation if that place is really popular and doesn’t accommodate walk in customers. Travel blogs online are great ways to find the best in town.
  4. The Crowds
    Where there are a lot of people flocking to a certain restaurant, chances are that the foods they serve are great. Busy restaurants certainly mean that their food is certainly in demand. You can be certain that the food they are serving are fresh too since a high volume usually means food hasn’t been on display for long.
  5. Be Adventurous
    What’s best for others may not be what’s best for you. When you use those guidebooks, websites or applications, you can get dizzy and confused on which one to go first. Remember that these articles are just suggestions for you. Don’t be afraid to try random and perhaps, you’d find that you like their food.